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Jacqueline M. Baker

Speaker, Author, Leadership Consultant, and Advisor
Jacqueline M. Baker is a speaker, author, leadership consultant, and advisor known for her unique approach to modern etiquette and leadership. As the author of “The Unexpected Leader: Discovering the Leader Within You and Leader by Mistake: Becoming A Leader One Mistake At A Time,” she frequently speaks and writes on the leadership-for-all concept. Her inspiration and expertise come from over a decade as the founder and principal consultant for Scarlet, a consultancy that provides leadership training to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, community organizations, and individuals across the globe. She also leverages her experience serving in several corporate board and community service roles. In her most recent corporate role, she served as the Vice President of Startup Programming at AARP Innovation Labs. She was responsible for sourcing global health tech and fintech startups. Jacqueline is an avid dinner-party hostess who creates space and opportunities to gather groups for compelling conversation, delicious cuisine, and untraditional ways for continued leadership development. She is also the host of the podcast Just Start™: From Ideas To Action.
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