Sleep Better With These Easy-To-Implement Tips From Dr. Lloyd Glauberman

Sleep Better With These Easy-To-Implement Tips From Dr. Lloyd Glauberman

VENTEUR spoke with Dr. Lloyd Glauberman, Clinical Psychologist and Inventor, about how to improve our sleep. Glauberman has been in private practice in NYC for over 40 years. After years of working with audio technology to help people accomplish meaningful changes in their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, he recently coined Lifestyle Intelligence (LQ). He created an app that guides users along a clear pathway toward balanced, healthy living in daily 3-minute segments. His system involves a unique psycho-educational approach to building and maintaining a favorable "ecosystem for a healthy lifestyle."

Sleep Health Generally

How many hours of sleep should entrepreneurs get each night, and why?

The average person should look to get 6-8 hours a night. Still, it's gaining awareness of what is holding you back that is directly related to getting the booming number of hours of sleep a night that matters. Is it possible to make meaningful changes despite behaviors already deep-rooted within us and the choices, obligations, and dynamic nature of modern, everyday life? Yes, and it all starts with awareness. So, how can you be more aware? Some people can journal to reflect, and others may need other methods or help from outside sources like an app, a book, one-on-one work, etc.

Why does sleep matter?

Think how vital sleep must be if it takes up 1/3 of our lives while simultaneously leaving us completely vulnerable. We now know, among a host of other things, that while we sleep in REM, our brain cleans itself. The brain takes out the garbage to prepare for the next day. 

How can I get on a regular sleep schedule?

It's essential to grasp a complete understanding of the importance of sleep in our lives. In other words, the first step in helpful sleep hygiene should focus on information and motivation. This means fully grasping that sleep is the most important thing we do. When your beliefs are up to date with sleep science, your motivation level will increase dramatically.

How does a lack of quality sleep affect one's mental health, and why?

I believe in creating a harmonious relationship between body and mind. Therefore, maintenance of the three fundamental elements of living–eating, sleeping, and exercising daily–is the key to improving your mental health. Suppose you cannot care for your body by eating nourishing foods and getting enough sleep and physical activity. In that case, there's a good chance you won't feel well both mentally and emotionally.

How does a lack of quality sleep affect one's physical health, and why?

When one of the three fundamental elements of living is off, like a lack of quality sleep, then it's obvious to assume that decision-making and motivation to move one's body will be lacking. Over time, awareness degrades, and poor lifestyle habits take hold. 

Sleep and Technology

How can technology prevent entrepreneurs from getting a good night's sleep, and why?

The bright lights of the screen, coupled with social interaction adrenaline, disrupt the sleep cycle even more, which is why it's important to minimize the use of technology before you go to bed.

How can technology help entrepreneurs get a good night's sleep, and why?

To successfully alter people's lifestyle patterns and mindset, it is necessary to shape a program around how people currently live–digitally driven, user-friendly, and should provide the right amount of contact, content, and reinforcement. Hence, it synchronizes with the rhythm of people's lives.

Think of it as a "time-released" awareness/information program that helps you make changes at the correct times and places. Successful living is built on rhythmic consistency. There's nothing more important than a solid backbeat. Timing is everything.

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