Entering someone's personal space shouldn't be required to have a meaningful or even a quick conversation. Difficulty hearing isn't exclusive to the elderly, as young people also struggle to listen through the background noise to have conversations in public. With modern technology already in your pocket, this is a problem better left in the past.

Using technology licensed from the National Acoustics Laboratory in Sydney, Australia, Noopl has provided a way to have conversations in noisy places using just your iPhone and AirPods.

With Noopl, communicating with your loved ones while out to dinner or eliminating background noise to safely travel through a busy airport becomes an easy task. If you ever catch yourself frequently saying "what," chances are, you need Noopl too.

Noodle hearing device with audio waves
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What is Noopl?

Noopl, short for "New Places," was initially intended to be an app for people to find new restaurants. This idea was scrapped when founder Steven Verdooner went out to eat with his father and found that they couldn’t communicate, even though his dad was wearing his expensive hearing aid set on “restaurant mode.”

Inspired to correct this problem, Verdooner connected with scientists and took on the painstaking task of creating a solution. After research, trial, and error, Noopl was born.

Using what you already have, Noopl collects sound from your Apple earbuds and a mic connected to the bottom of your iPhone to deliver high-quality audio, sans the background noise. 

In addition to cutting the background noise, Noopl simultaneously raises the audio by 15 decibels, allowing you to better hear what others are saying. Noopl’s innovative technology doesn’t stop there. 

Noopl takes it a step further and uses the technology embedded in Apple Airpod Pro’s and AirPod Max to allow you to enhance your hearing based on where you are looking. With the beamformer microphone utilized by the Noopl device and Apple’s head tracking capabilities, Noopl will focus the AirPod microphone in the direction the user is facing.

With the costs of medical hearing aids starting at $2,000 and reaching upwards of $10,000 or more, Noopl’s inexpensive hearing enhancement provides users with an enhanced hearing experience that they thought impossible.

How Noopl Came to Be

Founder Steven Verdooner initially sought to create an app that would allow users to find information about restaurants they wished to visit. "New Places," or Noopl, was going to revolutionize the restaurant and tourism industry. For better or for worse, things quickly changed.

Verdooner was out to eat with his father when he noticed he and his father struggled to hear each other through background noise coming from every direction. His father's state-of-the-art hearing aids with “restaurant mode” capabilities just couldn't cut through the noise, and he ended up removing them altogether. 

Considering that hearing aids cost a fortune out of pocket, this experience convinced Verdooner that he could do better. He concluded that the smartphone already in your pocket coupled with an advanced beamformer microphone and head tracking capabilities could fix that problem.

Verdooner, having a background in ophthalmology and audiology, was the man for the task. He and co-founder Kevin Snow connected with scientists and engineers and were hard at work developing a solution.

After licensing best-in-class beamformer microphone technology from the National Acoustics Lab in Sydney, Australia, hearing industry veteran Tim Trine stepped in as President and CEO in 2020. With their combined experience, ingenuity, and dedication, they created Noopl.

Noopl is the first Made for iPhone (MFi) smartphone accessory created to improve the user’s ability to cut through background noise and enjoy a conversation. Verdooner’s problem communicating with his father was the beginning of the smartphone hearing enhancement revolution.

Noodle hearing device in listening mode
Photo courtesy of Noopl

How Does Noopl Work?

With Noopl ensuring that users never miss another moment of connection, users are given the ability of enhanced listening through a small plugin that connects to the bottom of their iPhone. Coupled with a downloadable app and Apple AirPods, users enjoy connecting with others in noisy places.

How it Works

MEMS Microphones: Noopl takes advantage of MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) microphones that already exist in your iPhone and AirPods to capture high-quality audio.

This low-power, high-performance technology ensures that the user will be able to use their Noopl device for long periods without being concerned that they will miss a moment of their conversation due to losing power in their iPhone. 


Apple AirPods already include MEMS microphones and can capture high-quality sounds from long distances giving the user the ability to stand at a comfortable distance away from who they're connecting with.

AirPod Pro's and AirPod Max come complete with head tracking technology that can sense the direction the user is facing. Coupled with Noopl, the microphones will dampen all noise in the direction the user isn't facing while increasing the voice audio in the direction that they are facing. This allows the user to not worry about those around them while they have a meaningful connection.

Noodle listening device from an angled perspective
Photo courtesy of Noopl

Noopl Device

Your compact Noopl device will connect directly to the lightning port at the bottom of your iPhone and collect additional audio and send it back to your AirPods for more concise and clearer audio.

Having three listening points ensures that Noopl has a more targeted audio collection that allows the user to enjoy a more enhanced listening experience.

Noopl Listening APP

With Noopl’s listening app, you can see the lightning-fast response rate to the head tracking technology. It displays the direction the user is facing, allowing the user to know that their Noopl device is giving them the best possible listening experience.

The intelligent technology included in the Noopl app also allows the user to change the direction the audio is collected. If the user is experiencing a one-on-one connection, they can choose to direct the audio collection in the direction of the person they're connecting with. When communicating to a small group, the user can expand the listening radius to include all parties. The app even enables the user to expand the listening direction to the area surrounding them, allowing them to hear what is said in their immediate vicinity. 

With these capabilities, it is no wonder Noopl is quickly becoming one of the world's greatest listening devices on the market. Noopl's technology is making traditional hearing aids a thing of the past, giving those young and old the ability to hear and continue to experience meaningful connections. 

Introducing Noopl 2.0

After Noopl’s release in February 2021, it was a rapid success, receiving high praise from Forbes, AARP, and numerous other tech and health-related websites. 

Although Noopl was an immediate success, the founders recognized that they could do more and immediately got to work on Noopl 2.0. They realized that they could enhance their product to cut the background noise even further and increase the clarity for their users.

With Noopl 2.0, users will receive a more enhanced experience than they already were with Noopl. On top of all the amazing capabilities already provide with their original Noopl device, Noopl is adding:

  • More consistent, higher fidelity sound at a wide range of audible frequencies.
  • Better noise reduction and low-frequency sound reproduction.
  • USB audio via Lightning connector for compatibility with a broader range of phone cases and iOS devices.

With these incredible additions, users can enjoy the original perks of Noopl with Noopl 2.0’s more advanced listening and noise reduction capabilities without having to sacrifice their phone cases. 

Noopl's continual dedication to its customer's ability to experience meaningful connections is what sets it apart. Noopl is constantly looking to enhance their products so that nobody will miss a thing when communicating with others. 

What People are Saying

Since Noopl's launch, it has been receiving attention from tech and health organizations worldwide, praising it for its ingenuity and contribution to enhanced listening for those experiencing hearing loss.

Noopl was featured on AARP's website as a valuable option for retired people to use, as hearing aids are often hard to come by. This will make hearing more accessible and affordable for the elderly community.

Noopl is a device that will transform the user's hearing.

Noopl has a customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Customers see Noopl as an immediately valuable addition to their lives, giving them back the hearing that they had lost.

Businesses are giving Noopl praise for its ability to allow them to hear through the noise and connect with customers. This is especially beneficial while customer's voices are dampened due to mask-wearing.

What’s Next for Noopl?

With Noopl's continual dedication to ensuring personal connections aren't lost through enhanced hearing, they continue to strive to create a more affordable, high-quality listening device.

Currently, Noopl is only available using Apple products, but they're working on an Android solution to deliver enhanced connections and hearing to a wider population. Their goal is to have it operational by Winter 2021. You can sign up to receive notifications for updates on Noopl for Android.

If you’re looking to ensure you have meaningful connections that aren't lost in all the noise, Noopl is right for you. 

Cover photo courtesy of Noopl.

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