MP recently chatted with Shirley Powell, founder of LaJeanell. Powell brings more than 40 years of business experience, representing two high-end luxury cosmetics companies. As an entrepreneur and model, she searched for high-quality health-conscious makeup. No such line existed. Powell founded LaJeanell to bridge this gap and provide quality skincare solutions. 

Shirley Powell

How do you deal with self-doubt and doubt from others? 

I practice self-reflection on past accomplishments and various lessons I have learned. I try not to compare myself to others since we have all traveled many different paths. I also have found surrounding myself with positive and encouraging people helps combat self-doubt and helps my confidence.

How do you foster creative thinking?

Brainstorming is my go-to when working on new ideas. I have a lot of motivation and passion. I get some of my best creative thinking done during my daily walks outside. I believe in trial and error and forging ahead.

How do you take care of your mental health while running LaJeanell?

Take time out for me! I practice self-love! I know I cannot be wearing 12 hats and be great at everything. Delegating tasks also helps me with mental health while running LaJeanell, but also helps fuel my passion.

Shirley Powell
LaJeanell founder Shirley Powell / Photo courtesy of Shirley Powell

LaJeanell Cosmetics

What is LaJeanell Cosmetics? 

LaJeanell is a natural skin care regimen. Science-backed by superior ingredients, formulated as a vegan, sustainable beauty essential makeup line. I founded LaJeanell to provide quality skincare solutions.

What does LaJeanell stand for as a business, and why?

LaJeanell is a clean skincare and makeup brand. LaJeanell inhibits beauty that transcends over time. It is a niche indie and women-owned business. It comprises beauty and wellness products with anti-aging, antioxidants, and natural healing properties. LaJeanell provides a solution for busy and healthy lifestyles. We operate in a luxury, niche market with a "value-added" for experience or products.

Why did you start LaJeanell? 

I have been entrepreneurial for much of my life. I enjoy working and being creative while helping and impacting others. I have a passion for beauty and fashion. I wanted to share my simple regimen daily routines that are simple and effective for the health conscious. So, I created a skincare line, essential makeup kits, and bundles for solutions for busy and healthy lifestyles.

How do you plan for LaJeanell’s future?

Beauty from within. Let's all age gracefully together! The world we live in is changing. Consumers are more educated and desire quality, practical and health-conscious products for their wellbeing.

Shirley Powell
LaJeanell founder Shirley Powell / Photo courtesy of Shirley Powell


What do you think most entrepreneurs miss, and why? 

The multi-channel concept combines eCommerce and a wholesale distribution network with a global presence within a niche market with a retail strategy. It is a challenge for distribution as an indie beauty and wellness brand, especially when competing with large labels. 

What four factors contribute to an entrepreneur's success, and why? 

1. Passion

Love and believe in what you do.

2. Mindset

Delegating and positivity.

3. Responsibility 

The price of greatness and self-fulfillment

4. Change

Change is unavoidable.

What are your three greatest fears as an entrepreneur, and how do you manage those fears? 

1. Isolation

Me against the world and feeling alone. Self-growth is critical in fighting this fear.

2. Misunderstood

With a gift of self-understanding and forgiveness for my shortcomings.

3. Emotional Burnout

No balance between healthy living, my values, and my expectations of myself. I take time for self-care and practice my advice. 

What three obstacles have you faced while growing LaJeanell Cosmetics, and how have you overcome them?

  1. Pursuing my goals.  
  2. Letting myself down.  
  3. Rebuilding a life I am passionate about.

I have suffered from debilitating chronic depression, fatigue, fibromyalgia, and autoimmune disorders. I went into a vocational rehabilitation program to restart and become self-sufficient again.

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