Born in Paris, Manna Kadar moved to California at 5-years-old. Raised by her mother and grandmother, both strong Chinese women, she was prepared early on to be a leader. Kadar now has two children of her own and is the Founder & CEO of Manna Kadar Beauty, which houses Manna Kadar Cosmetics, Beauty and the Bump, Goddess by Manna Kadar, Haute Dog Luxury Pet Products, Mason Man Skincare, and Manna Kadar Luxe Bath and Body.

MP recently caught up with Kadar about tablescaping. We explored what tablescaping is, what purpose it serves, and how you can create an amazing tablescape without overextending yourself.

Manna Kadar - Manna Kadar Beauty
Photo courtesy of Manna Kadar

Hi Manna, thank you for taking the time to chat with us today. 

Thank you! The pleasure is mine. 

So, let’s jump right into it. What’s tablescaping?

Tablescaping is basically landscaping or artfully decorating your table for events and gatherings! It's the art of creatively setting a themed dining table in a decorative way for social events. The great thing is, you can do any theme, there are lots of options and ideas!

Why’s it important to have a solid tablescape?

It sets the theme and tone for the event, and is usually the focal point, so bring your A game.

Does one’s tablescape need to match its surroundings?

No, mix and matching is ok, it’s really all about the theme and having the table pop!

What are the absolute essentials for a solid tablescape and what purpose do they serve?

Flowers are essential, I love Hydrangeas, and big bunches of color. You can add greenery on the table and add a flare to the flower arrangement with succulents. 

They're also a great gift for guests to take home!

And a good table runner ties it all together with name place cards.

Manna Kadar tablescape
Photo courtesy of Manna Kadar

Going beyond the essentials, how can a good tablescape become a great tablescape? 

I love displaying bottles of champagne in a vintage ice tub and make ice cubes with roses in them! 

It’s so easy, but it has a huge positive impact on guests. Simply cut baby roses so there’s no stem, place them in your large ice cube tray floating on the water and then freeze, the final look is absolutely stunning and photo worthy! 

What types of flowers work best for tablescapes and why? 

Any flower, honestly! Succulents work well too, and you can use greenery to frame your centerpiece.

Can flowers be substituted with something else? 

Yes, but what you use will depend on the theme. If you’re throwing a baby shower, use rattles or bottles filled with candy. If you’re hosting a Christmas gathering, try filling tall vases with ornaments. Halloween? I love using different jars of candy corn.

Manna Kadar fixing tables cape setup
Photo courtesy of Manna Kadar

What are your favorite DIY tablescapes and why? 

My favorite events to throw are fundraisers. I’m very big on giving back and when the cause is meaningful it makes the tablescape that much more fun to do! I’m doing one to raise money for Miracle Kids soon, which I’m super excited about because of the cause.

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